About Us

Since the dawn of mankind, food has been an integral part as it precedes cloth and shelter. Our ancestors were carnivores as they didn’t know how to grow crops. So they went on killing animals and feed themselves up. As time passed, their descendants learned some skills and developed a taste by themselves. As per ancient Indian belief,¬†food is categorized as, SATVIK, RAJSIK, TAMSIK. Each and every group has its own culinary style and taste. Depending on the taste and culinary method mankind put themselves in the suitable group.

As of now, people do not really stick to their group and are exploring places as well as the food. People today are quite phagomaniac as they have developed a good taste over the years. They know how to satiate themselves with mouthwatering repast as well as they know what will sate them up. A trencherman can eat everything served in front of him while a connoisseur of food possesses a particular palate. There are some sybarites as well who enjoys fine food.

We here will mainly focus on “street food” as this is what people crave for nowadays as street food is luscious, toothsome and pocket-friendly. People, who called themselves gourmet, are even traveling to other cities for leaven and toothsome grub. People who crave for food and want to know more about famous food lanes nearby can look up to us.